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We work with a variety of local and international brands to create amazing experience

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  • "Nous n’avons reçu que des retours très positifs de la part de la direction et des clients, je suis donc vraiment très satisfaite, il semblerait que nous ayons bien marqué les esprits avec cette idée ! Je vous remercie pour le temps que vous y avez consacré et l’investissement." Bergerat SA.
  • "Thank you a lot, It was amazing <3 <3 People loved it!" VFO
  • "It is so nice to work with Adrien and his team. He always goes the extra mile to make our project huge success" Head of Marketing IptiQ SwissRe.
  • "we will never forget this day, thank you so much for the magic" Bride
  • "An absolute reliable service provider, who cares about his clients and is always willing to go an extra mile. Our law firm organized multiples events with him and, I must say, 1984Events’ creativity tops any other events organizers we have worked with. Fresh air and a true gem for us. Thanks a lot again!!" Simon MBH Attorneys at law



Our case studies will give you a flavor as to what we can do for you. But the creativity does not finish here! Contact us with your brief and we will create a bespoke proposal for you.

  • Case Study 1
      Raising awareness of a car dealer

      1984 Solution: Installation of portable projections inside cars. Cars are spread around the city in hotspots. Eye catching guarantee.

      Services: Content sourcing, Event production, Experiential marketing, PR management

      Results: Increased market share among urban target segments. High press exposure.

      © Street Glory Mapper

  • Case Study 2
      Creating physical presence for a web retailer

      1984 Solution: Setting up a monochrome branded pop up restaurant

      Services: Content sourcing, Event production, Experiential marketing

      Results: Greater customer engagement, increase in site visits and frequency

      © Monochrome dinner

  • Case Study 3
      Sponsorship activation

      1984 Solution: Gigantic facade mapping show

      Services: Content sourcing, Event production, Experiential marketing, Social media management

      Results: Viral content on social media and word of mouth with a “Can’t miss” on site event

      © Le 3 Mapping

  • Case Study 4
      Client / Partner relationship management

      1984 Solution: Taylor made conceptual and luxury dinner events designed by our artists-chefs

      Services: Content sourcing, Event production

      Results: Higher audience engagement, stronger brand image

      © Manifestaurant

  • Case Study 5
      Excecutive team building

      1984 Solution: Participate in a movie shooting (fictitious or real)

      Services: Content sourcing

      Results: Rewarding and participative activity for highest level individuals. Similar to formula1 paddock visits

      © Studio Abel14